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For the 3 night Little Orchestra performance of Handle's Messiah, we provided 3 Middle Eastern food bowls for 120 people a night containing char-grilled smoked meats & vegetables alongside our handmade flatbreads

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Dear Mike,

Huge thank you for the food and the service you gave our event recently. 

Personally I always wander around and chat to people informally about the food and drink to see how it’s going down. I’m fairly confident this is the best food we’ve had since I’ve been working with the orchestra. The portions were ample, the ingredients were top, the cooking was great and the balance of pickle / spice / salty was spot on.

The service was also really excellent, you were so welcoming and chatty to all our punters and that was a big step up for us. Mike it was great meeting you on the first night, then Ash did a great job in delivering the same the next two days. Hope your other events went well.

Thanks again

Ben, TLO